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Monday, June 25, 2007

Replacement for attorney fired by Phill Kline walks after only two months

After only two months (two months?!) on the job, Sue Carpenter has resigned as head of Phill Kline's domestic violence section in Johnson County. Carpenter took over after Kline fired the 15-year veteran who headed the unit.

The Kansas City Star reports that Carpenter's last day was Friday.

Carpenter had some problems before she got to Kline's office. Her resume, as announced by his office, was also a tad inflated.

Once again, why do we care about Kline?

First, his office oversees law enforcement for one of the state's biggest counties. How he performs his job has an impact on the lives of people who live in the suburban Kansas City county. Since Kline got his DA job under less-than-normal circumstances, the question in the minds of many in the county has been whether or not Kline is competent, or as The Pitch said this week, a dimwit.

By the way, I've never thought Kline was dim, dull or in any way stupid, but he constantly shows signs of ignoring the nuts and bolts of his job in favor of his own political, far right agenda.

As important for the rest of the state and nation, Kline has wider political ambitions. He is a darling of the Christian Right.

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