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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lawrence domestic partner registry passes vote -- one more to go!

Tonight may well have been the toughest test of the registry. That's because the opposition finally got itself together and showed up tonight at City Hall. As the previous post shows, there was much passionate testimony about how passing a registry -- a mere list of names -- is immoral, horribly wrong and will lead to the destruction of Lawrence.

Luckily, the Commission didn't listen and, as occurred previously, the Commission voted 4-1 in favor of the registry.

One more vote and then this thing becomes a reality.

I remain amazed at how angry and upset some people get about issues that do nothing more than treat lesbian and gay people fairly. We take nothing from no one. Having a registry merely helps our families survive.

Sometimes I think our opponents can't even see us as human. I know the picture they portray of our lives is nothing short of ridiculous. I am so sad that they can't see the reality that their neighbors, me and others who are LGBT in this community, are just like they are. We deserve the same rights, and our families deserve the same support that they receive.

Kudos to state Sen. Marci Francisco, a Democrat, for testifying in favor of the registry.

Kudos to the City Commission for voting for fairness.

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