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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kansas takes its first baby step towards fairness for all families

Join the Kansas Equality Coalition at 10 a.m. at City Hall this morning to see the first domestic partners register. This is the state's first, baby step toward providing fairness under the law to all families, including those headed by same-sex partners.

I'm looking forward to being there this morning, and I expect to post photos later today.

The registry only allows same-sex partners to prove their relationships and, thus, gain access to benefits already offered by their employers. It also shows that the city of Lawrence is welcoming to all.

The Lawrence Journal-World reports:

Theresa Shireman said the registry more than anything else is a sign of what the city stands for.

“I think it is an important thing for Lawrence to do,” said Shireman, who is raising a son with her partner, Jill Kuhnheim. “We were at a position where we were thinking about moving into Kansas City. These kind of things make an important difference in our decision.

“It is really about the community saying we accept all different types of families here, and we value diversity.”

The Associated Press story is here.

If you are a Lawrence resident and in a committed same-sex or heterosexual relationship, you can now register online at the city web site. The fee is $75. The city has also posted an FAQ on the registry. Here's a direct link to the registration form.


PHOTO: Here's a small bit of a "horrific" scene that opponents of domestic partner registries want to keep you from seeing. Click on the link to see the full photo. Of course, whether or not there is a registry or partner rights or civil unions or even marriage for same-sex couples, there will always be -- as there always have been -- families headed by lesbian and gay couples. By depriving these families of any legal recognition, the radical right is depriving children of security.

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