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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Why Operation Rescue hates Attorney General Paul Morrison

AP's John Hanna does a good job today of explaining why abortion opponents are less than thrilled with Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison.

Despite the fact that he has filed 19 charges against Wichita Dr. George Tiller, Morrison's charges don't revolve around the core of the state's late-term abortion law as former AG Phill Kline's charges did.

Hanna does a good job of explaining the legal situation. His explanation also shows why Kline was desperate to move forward with his charges. If Kline had been successful, the case would have made it much harder for any doctor to have done late-term abortions in Kansas. It could also have easily gone to the U.S. Supreme Court. Hanna implies that the temptation of having his name attached to such an important case may have been overwhelming.

If Morrison is right that Kline and his staff completely botched their case against Tiller, then Hanna has just explained Kline's motivation. Of course, the story also explains Operation Rescue's fury.

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